1. Leku Book Project Update!

    Family, friends, and followers,

    First, Happy Holidays! I hope you’re all healthy and warm this winter. Second, THANK YOU SO MUCH for those who have already sent us books! I am so grateful for every single contribution / book you have ordered for us. I don’t mean to be so cheesy, but you are truly changing these students’ lives over here!

    Here are some stats / information for you all:

    How many books have been donated so far to Leku Primary School?
    My students and I have received 85 book donations so far!! [Updated Feb. 4, 2014] This is incredible to say the least, I am so humbled and touched by your contributions, THANK YOU AGAIN.

    How are these books going to be used exactly?
    Every day 
    students come to my classroom during their break time to read, so we will use your donated books to have read alouds, reader’s theater, and free reading time, to increase the literacy rate in Leku, as well as build students’ love for reading. Also, any time I have a club meeting (Girls club, English club, HIV/AIDS + Grassroot Soccer club), students who come in early get to sit down and read your books!

    What is your goal [# of books donated] to the school / students?
    I would love to boast 120 children’s story books donated for my students and school, but of course the 85 that we already will be receiving is 85 more than they will ever have access to!

    How can I help you reach your goal of 120 books? 
    Through betterworldbooks.com, you can send us a used book (or as many as you wish) to my town with no additional shipping costs! Yes, FREE SHIPPING! And many books cost as little as $5. After you ordered the book(s), please email me which ones you sent, as well as your mailing address for thank you cards!

    Shipping address:
    OhnSoon Kim
    P.O. Box 64
    Leku, Sidama Zone
    SNNPR, Ethiopia
    [no zipcodes]

    Email: ohnsoonkim@gmail.com

    Book Wish List / Suggested List [Please send us any of your favorite children’s books, even if it is not on the list!]

    Should I donate a book as a Christmas present to OhnSoon?
    YES YES YES. I promise it would make me and my students happier than any other gift you would want to send me. And don’t worry about Christmas being only a few days away, Ethiopian Christmas is not until January 7th!

    I already donated, what else can I do?
    First of all, you are an AMAZING human being! Secondly, please wait for thank you cards and pictures from my students. And lastly, spread the word! Email, facebook, twitter, tumblr, hand-written notes, whichever way you like :)

    I am in a giving mood, can I contribute to something else?
    Check out all the other Peace Corps Volunteers in Ethiopia who are receiving BetterWorldBooks for their communities!
    [Awesome charts, graphs, data about us here, made by our own PCV Carlin: http://americaninethiopia.blogspot.com/2013/12/peace-corps-ethiopia-literacy-projects.html] And if you would like to send another volunteer a book, let me know and I can give you their address.

    Thank you again for all your support, please know that these students and I are SO EXCITED for every single book that will come to Leku!
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