1. All I Want for Christmas …

    … is for my students to have English story books!

    Dear family, friends, and followers-

    As I begin my 19th month in country, I would like to invite you to become (an even bigger) part of my strange and wonderful Peace Corps journey. Inspired by other G7 Peace Corps Volunteers and my students who come to my model classroom early, just to read the few magazines or English story books we have, I’m trying to build a mini library for my school. We have a decent school library space, but there are only a small number of children’s books / story books - it is mostly reference books and textbooks, which many students still come to read anyway.

    So how can you help, you ask?  Through betterworldbooks.com! You can purchase used/donated books for as little as $5, and send them to my small town in Southern Ethiopia for no shipping cost at all - yes, FREE shipping! All you have to do is…

    1. Choose a book (or as many as you want) from my wish list below. Or feel free to send any of your favorite children’s books, even if it is not on the list!

    2. Go to betterworldbooks.com and use the search bar to find the book of choice. Please choose the cheapest, used option! And put the shipping address as:

    OhnSoon Kim
    P.O. Box 64
    Leku, Sidama Zone

    [no zipcodes in Ethiopia]

    3. Email me (ohnsoonkim@gmail.com) indicating which books you purchased so I can update the wish list.

    4. Check in with my blog for adorable thank you notes and pictures from my students!

    The students are hungry to learn and read, so your contribution would make a direct impact, encouraging a reading culture and literacy.  Thank you so much in advance, I hope you are all healthy and well! 

    Lots of love,

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    Here is the wishlist. If you can, please help this Peace Corps volunteer get books for her kids!
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