1. So you’re thinking- what is Camp GLOW?   

    Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is a week-long camp dedicated to girls’ leadership, an initiative by Peace Corps.  The main goals are to boost self-confidence, leadership skills, and the believe that young women can make a difference in her local community and the world.  Most PCVs in Ethiopia are participating in a Camp GLOW (there are 12 different sites this summer) and for 11 of us in the Southern Nations Region, we will be having one at a town called Sodo.

    In Ethiopia, it is still largely a male-dominant society where women are expected to stay home and do all the house work, and behave as 2nd class citizens.  Female students are more likely to drop out of school due to responsibilities at home and are not always encouraged to do well in school.  Other serious issues include: child marriage (for girls), female genital mutilation (fgm), abuse, and fistula (a disease which is often an outcome of child marriage)– which now, thankfully, are on the decline. In recent years, the government has made gender equality a priority in Ethiopia, but often, in communities outside of the capital and larger cities, the oppression still exists. (Lacy’s post)

    So our camp is going to have both girls and boys (Camp G-GLOW: Girls and Guys Leading Our World), where we will address gender issues, as well as have sessions on HIV/AIDS education, goals and values, decision making, health and hygiene, nutrition, and self-awareness / esteem, to name a few.  The boys will learn to support and encourage gender equality, and the girls will become empowered leaders.  Each PCV will be bringing 4 campers from our towns with us.

    The dates are July 29 - August 4, and our pre-camp meeting will be next week, May 9th and 10th to organize all the lessons and details.  (Above is the draft logo I drew up that for our Sodo Camp GLOW t-shirts!)

    Also, if you’d like to contribute in a small way (which translates into a big way for us)- check out our Camp GLOW Sodo supplies/materials wish-list, and please send me an email (ohnsoonkim@gmail.com) with anything you’d like to purchase for the campers. (Thank you in advance - I will email you back with the shipping address in the States you can make it out to.) 

    I’m extremely excited for our summer camp- and I’ll keep you all updated in our process!

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